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Double-Sided Tapes from the Industrial double-sided tape experts. Here you can find tapes with a filmic or tissue carrier and adhesive on both sides. These tapes tend to be used for bonding flexible, or semi-flexible materials (paper, board, foam, plastic, rubber) to itself or another surface.

  • Filmic tapes. Tend to have a carrier of PET, PVC, or PP. The film supports the adhesive and adds strength and rigidity. Choose S-Fix PET with a filmic release liner if transparency is important. Various thickness options for light and smooth to rough and more difficult surfaces, indoor & outdoor.
  • Tissue Tapes have a non-woven carrier, and usually high-tack acrylic or rubber based adhesive. These tapes are translucent white, highly conformable and work well with flexible, porous and fibrous surfaces like foam, vinyl and board.

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