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Tape… it’s everywhere

Everywhere around us things are fixed, joined, sealed, mounted, secured and protected with adhesive tape.

Apply the right tape on the right surface in the right way, and it is incredibly useful. Which is also where it goes wrong though. Most people with some experience in DYI, construction or engineering will have the ability to look at a selection of screws and make an instant judgement of which size and type is most appropriate for a job. Dependent on weight, materials (like brick, metal or wood), how the weight is applied, indoor/outdoor and how long it needs to be there, for example.

With a tape, not so simple.

There is an element of wizardry involved. You apply a tape to a seemingly flat surface and, somehow, it manages to hold on to that surface… or not. And if it does, for how long? And simply, how? Big manufacturers like car plants and aircraft builders, have chemists and scientists onboard with laboratories and testing equipment. When you are a small business, self-employed or hobbyist though, you’re not so likely to have a scientist on your payroll, not even a wizard!

This element of wizardry also effects the reputation of self-adhesive tapes as a solution. Often people will opt for screws, nails, welding or rivets because the result is more tangible. There are so many inferior products around, and it’s hard if not impossible to tell the difference. Apply it perhaps, but then put a few screws or nails in as well, just to be sure right?

Not just wizardry!

Adhesive tape, when selected and used correctly, has so many advantages. Spreading a load over a surface rather than concentrating it one or a few points, shock absorption, mounting and bonding without making holes, no expensive tools required, creating weathertight connections, securing without locking and sometimes the ability to remove and re-use, just to name a few.

At Stikon we try to take away the wizardry element and make high performance adhesive tapes useful and practical for the consumer. We have decades of experience in industrial markets around the world. We work with manufacturers big and small. We import materials from far and beyond and create finished solutions at our own conversion plant in the Midlands, UK. We source new materials, create and develop new formats and finishing methods. We slit, cut, rewind, laminate, print and die-cut to make products, useful, reliable.

These products are available through various channels as we work with the trade in many fields of expertise. It is quite likely you have used them already at some point, but never knew. Now, these solutions are also available to you through our own shop. Stikon!

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